Do Dogs Need Food Variety?

9 Sep

As a continue to my dog food post…

Dr Vadim

Imagine you would get porridge – for breakfast and dinner, every day. Or a soup, or roast chicken – doesn’t matter what, but the same thing every day. It would get pretty boring, wouldn’t it? So it’s not surprising that many of us find the idea of feeding ‘Fido’ the same meal out of the same food bag day in day out a little uncomfortable.

But do dogs need food variety? Dog they grow bored of the same stale predictable diet as we do?

Before we look for the answer, let’s clarify the question. Do dogs want variety or do dogs need variety?

If it’s a matter of need, the answer is definitely No. A dog will grow and develop well eating the same diet every day, as long as the diet is healthy and contains the range of minerals and nutrients that the dog needs.

This leaves us with would dogs prefer…

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9 Sep

Great book to read for your children…. and your dog.


We had a look  at this year’s shortlist for the Independent Booksellers’ Book Prize in a previous posts.  One of the books on the list was Dogs by Emily Gravett.  This is a wonderful picture book for smaller children but it can honestly be enjoyed by anyone!  As the title suggests, it is a book about dogs.  The narrator loves all sorts of dogs:

“I love dogs that bark, and ones that don’t

I love dogs that play and dogs that won’t.”

Emily is the writer and the illustrator.  The illustrations feature lovely big pictures on a white background.  This is  a book to read and read again. If you like Dogs check out some of her other books have a look at her beautiful website at

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Grooming Your Dog – Great Bonding Time for You and Your Dog

4 Sep

Some of the people think that dogs are filthy, dirty and unhygienic. Yes, dogs aren’t as clean as we are, they don’t bathe and shower, but they do clean their selves. Dogs roll on the ground, lick their coats, or chew fur mats. Because of our good hygienic habits, we aren’t satisfied by the dogs’ hygienic habits. So how can we help them? Continue reading

What Do Our Dogs Eat?

26 Aug
Dog Eating

Dog Eating

Have you ever just left your food on the table and your dog rushed to eat? Have you ever tried to reward your dog with a reward that your kid would have loved (candies, chocolates, sweets etc.)? Did you throw the leftovers of your meat to your dog? You will be very surprised when you find put that some of those foods and more could hurt and even KILL your dog! Continue reading

Who Is “Man’s Best Friend”?

24 Aug

The nickname “Man’s best friend” was given to domestic dogs by the western world. The domestic dog, and in its scientific name – Canis lupus familiaris – is a mammal carnivore, a subspecies of the gray wolf of the Canidae family.

The relationship between dogs and humans started back as long as 15,000 years ago, when humans started domesticating gray wolves. At about the same time, dogs started developing from the gray wolves probably somewhere in East Asia. Continue reading